5.5" Yasaka Japanese Hair Cutting Scissors, Offset, "DRY-55"

5.5\" Yasaka Japanese Hair Cutting Scissors, Offset, \"DRY-55\"


Directly Imported from YASAKA/Japan

Production for Y2017, Fresh New !


This Dre Hair Scissors/Shears "DRY-5.5"  was brought in this year to meet the recent increasing demand on Dry Haur Scissors.

This model is one of the most popular model widely used in hair salons in USA, Europe, Japan and Korea.

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DRY-5.5 is made of Cobalt Stainless steel ATS314. Yasaka is worldwide famous brand. Their blade sharpening secret and two time vacuum annealed hardness(Rockwell Hardness 60) to Sub Zero Temp Treatment process is worldwide unique and reputable. Thanks for your interest on our Yasaka Dry Hair Shears.



Some Yasaka Shears sold in USA are repacked in a fancy retail boxes by the USA sellers to have it look in better package appearance. There are some faked products as well. If the shears and/or the retail box has too fancy exterior appearance, you should check authenticity of the products. You may send email to Yasaka main factory in Japan to inquire it. We carry direct imported original Yasaka shears which may not look fancy to your expectation in its retail box appearance. The retail box does not look fancy and even the shears itself does not look fancy either in Y series. It is the way the Yasaka manufactured Y series. However, its quality is super above than any other compatible brands in the market thanks to Yasaka old established unique blade sharpening technology from guild master workmanship. Also the famous hardness processing technology explained above. All these quality factors are nothing to do with fancy looking retail box or additional modification to have it look fancy. So, please do not estimate the value of our authentic Y series Yasaka shears by comparing its exterior appearance to your past purchased products from other sources. We want you to know this. So, you do not doubt its authenticity even though its exterior appearance looks less than your past experience with other Yasaka Models purchased in USA or other compatible brands in the market. The one we sell is the original way of Yasaka as they were produced and delivered from the factory warehouse.


Hairtrol always sells the world’s first and the best product in its kind !



  • 5.5” medium Offset handle versatile Dry Hair shears
  • Made of Cobalt Stainless Steel ATS314, higher special grade stainless steel
  • Yasaka unique blade sharpening technic -Two time vacuum annealed hardness(Rockwell Hardness 60) and Sub Zero Temp Treated
  • Fixed finger rest
  • Power frame design makes your hair cutting job easy and efficient
  • Ergonomic design enable the user to work comfortably for long hours without fatigue.
  • Blade length: 58mm(2.28”)
  • Dimension(O.A. Length x Blade Length): 5.5” x2.28”(=14.7cm x 5.8cm)
  • Product Net Weight: 1.8 Oz.(51 grams)
  • Gross Shipping Weight: 12 Oz(340 grams)
  • Made in Japan(Maker: Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd.)


U$264 + Shipping


Shipping Charge Information: By USPS Small Flat Rate Priority Mail

U$6.00 for All Inland USA, Alaska, Hawaii & other US Islands and APO or FPO mail.

International Shipping Charge: By USPS Priority Mail International

Canada($29), Europe/Central & South America($36), UK & Ireland($42), Australia/New Zealand($40)

** International Small Flat Rate Priority Mail is not recommended for this item.



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