5.5" Yasaka Japanese VG-10 Steel Scissors/Shears, Model: SSS-55


YASAKA Shears 

Directly Imported from YASAKA/Japan 



" Made of VG10 Steel "



MODEL: SSS – Straight Handle


  • 5.5” Medium Versatile Shears
  • Straight handle      
  • Made of VG10 Steel
  • Yasaka unique blade sharpening technic -Two time vacuum annealed hardness(Rockwell Hardness 60 +/- 0) and Sub Zero treatment
  • Detachable finger rest
  • Power frame design makes your hair cutting job easy and efficient
  • Compact, light& ergonomic design enable the user to work for long hours without fatigue.
  • Operating sword length: 1.97”(50mm)
  • Full Over All Length: 5.5”(142mm)
  • Net Scissors Weight:  1.3 Oz
  • Shipping Package Weight: 10 Oz
  • Made in Japan (Maker: Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd.)


U$159 + Shipping !

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Canada($24), All other countries($34)


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