National(=Panasonic) Foam Bath Maker/Dispender, EH2601

National(=Panasonic) Foam Bath Maker/Dispender, EH2601

Do your “Half Body Bath Soak” with this Foam Maker from today!

HBBS(Half Body Bath Soak) is well known for its marvelous effect for healthy metabolism and lowering blood pressure!

(See more details in the "For Your Reference" section below!)

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- Use with quality natural body shampoo in the market.

- Waterproof model

- Fine and coarse foam selection by button by user

- Help your "Half Body Bath Soak(HBBS)" more workable and comfortable

 Also, Its pore cleansing logic is so efficient that it may turn your body skin into

shiny and healthy condition in one day !




Factory New.
It comes with 20 pages of English Manual inside the product box.


Memo to the customers:

Use only liquid soap. It was originally designed to be used with liquid body soaps or shampoos

of various brands in the market. But if you are knowledgeable for making do-yourself type

home made shampoo, you may try the liquid soap which you make yourself.  Milk, yogurt and

vegetable juice can be used as foam making material sources.





  • Japanese National brand shower foam dispenser made in Japan
  • Designed to be used with liquid body soap or body shampoo in the market. Natural soap or shampoo is recommended.
  • Perfect Water Proof Model which can be used in the shower and the tub.
  • Simple and easy to use, Just follow instruction in the manual.
  • Make your shower and bath room the most useful place for your beautiful skin maintenance place with this product.
  • No skin scratch which usually happens when using towels. 
  • Fine and coarse foam selector by user
  • Foam Production Capacity : Max 6 Liter
  • Power Source: DC 3V( 2 x 1.5V C-Size Alkaline Batteries) 
  • Dispenser Weight: 620 gram(22 Oz) with Battery/8x5x3(20x12.5x7.5cm)  
  • Shipping Package Wt./Dim.: 1.18Kg(2.6 Lbs)/14x10x4”(36x25x10Cm) 
  • Warranty : One year  
  • Made in Japan

  ** All products handled by Hairtrol USA is a factory sealed new !


How to use it ?

1. Take out the tank from the main unit

2. Fill the tank with approx 150mL(5.3 Oz) of warm water. It will reach to the medium 

    Level of tank. Do not completely fill the tank. If you do, foam will not be made properly.

    Do not use water hotter than 45 Deg. C.

3. Pour the liquid soap in an appropriate amount of Approx. 10 mL(0.35 Oz) correspond-

    Ding to 2(two) tea spoons or about 3(three) pushes in case of push-down type nozzle

    of liquid soap bottle or shampoo bottle.

4. Use only liquid soap.

5. Insert the foamer jet inside the tank and put back the tank in the indented part of the 

    main unit by aligning the mouth of the tank with it.

6, Push the switch down to ON, then bubbles will flow from the nozzle for about 10 


7. Turn the foam selection switch to choose the bubble type you want.  “Coarse” for 

    normal body wash, “Fine” for washing extra stubborn dirt. When the foam selection

    switch is set at the “Fine”, the nozzle discharges foam more slowly and produces less 

    amount of foam than at the “Coarse”

8. After use of the unit, push the switch to the “Off”, wash the tank inside and the nozzle, 

    then wipe the unit with dry towel.


<For Your Reference>

This battery powered Automatic Foam Dispenser EH2601 brings you a joy when you do

"Half Body Bath Soak"(HBBS)!  HBBS is believed by many physicians to lower your

blood pressure if you do it one to two times a week regularly. It also believed to be

helpful for dieting and detox. Attached below is an excerpts from the health magazine

about HBBS.  "Soaking everyday in the ofuro, or bathtub, is an important part of the

Japanese day. Indeed, a majority of Japanese people believe that the bath is as

important as eating. Many busy young women often go without breakfast, but they would

never skip their evening bath. Generally, one thinks of immersing their whole body,

except the head, when soaking in a bath. In the past few years, however, it has become

popular, to do a "hanshinyoku," literally, "half body soak." It has become increasingly

popular because "hanshinyoku" is believed to be helpful for dieting and detox."


US Domestic Shipping & Handling:

U$13 by USPS Priority Mail ( Mail Transit Time : 2~3 days)

International shipping & handling Charge:


Shipping Charge is as follows; By USPS First Class Package Int'l(10~ 12 Days for arrival)

Canada(U$25), All other countries(U$35)


This listing description is intended for providing general product information only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure

nor treat any disease. It is not a guide for self prescription.The author or the server management accept no respon-

sibility for the use or misuse of the information this listing description contains. The Food Drug Administration have

not evaluated these statements.

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