Hima Ice Towel for Refreshment

Hima Ice Towel for Refreshment
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Washing your hand and wiping your face cool instantly at the dining table without leaving your seat is much more

convenient than you think. It will make your before and after meal time more enjoyable without being interrupted.

It helps such small happiness that makes your life rich !

"The Hima Ice Towel is a 100% cotton terry cloth towel formulated with pure plant essential oils designed to cool and

refresh while providing the body relief from warm, hot, humid environments."

Face, hand & body refresh towel while you are in or after sports, sauna, traveling, Vacation, sightseeing…

Even during your day work and before or after meal !



Are you suffered from facial itching at eyebrow or nose ridge by fungus or pollens ? à Please use our Hima Towels ! ~ They will be gone.


Do you have a grease skin face ? àPlease don’t leave them too long. Wash your face with chilled or refrigerated Hima Ice Towel and refresh yourself.


All things will be getting better after refreshing yourself.

Refresh yourself before important business meetings !

Enhance your day life spirit with H.I.T. – Hima Ice Towels !




  • Made of 100% Cotton Terry Cloth
  • Dampen Liquid Contents: Purified water(95%),SD Denatured Alcohol(4.3%),Menthol(0.4%),Lemongrass and Asian Bergamot Leaf Extract(0.3%)
  • Recyclable cotton towel
  • Individual Towel Size: 12” x 12”
  • 30 Towels per each bag
  • Gross Shipping Weight/Bag(=30 Towels): 4.4 Lbs(2.0 Kgs)
  • Gross Shipping Dim.: 11” x 9” x 5” (28 x 23 x 13 cm)
  • Made in “Thailand” exclusively for Hima Ice Towel Corp/USA


How to use ?

  • Chill or refrigerate it before use
  • Open the individual pack
  • Wash your face or hand or body


When & Where to use ?

  • Before and after the meal
  • At the restaurant
  • Instant barbeque restaurants
  • During and after sports game
  • In and after sauna
  • In the office where small refrigerator is furnished
  • When you overslept and had to leave home for work in a hurry
  • When you need refreshment during the humid and hot summer night
  • During the back yard barbeque parties.
  • For picnic
  • For home use – when you need instant refreshment while watching TV or doing home computer work.
  • When you are in car-travel with ice box or cigarette jack plugged in cold/hot box or SUV refrigerator
  • As a gift to your sons/daughters, lovers in army service or training camp in the hot weather region.
  • For kids going to summer camp.
  • For sports club houses(Golf, Golf Practice Ranges, Gym. Work Out Clubs etc)
  • In the airplane
  • In the sightseeing train or boat
  • In the amusement park
  • For the spectators in the sports stadium
  • For long distance truck movers
  • For hotel refrigerator’s items
  • Corporation’s promotional gift items


  • Sold to US World Olympic
  • Sold to US Army in Iraq
  • Sold to many American Pro-Basketball Teams
  • GNC Drug Magazine carried an introductory articles about Hima Towels(July issue)
  • Many major news papers carried an article about Hima Ice Towel for its unique product idea.


U$59 PER BAG(=30 Towels) + Free Shipping by USPS Priority Mail


USA Domestic Shipment :  By USPS Priority Mail (takes 2~3 days)

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International  Shipment: nnn

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** Shipping Weight above 4 Lbs: By USPS Prioirty Mail int'l

Free shipping is not available for international shipment. Instead, the rate will be reduced by the postage amount of domestic USPS Priority Mail as an equalizer. 

Payment of this additional postage amount is required to be paid directly to us in one of the following two offline payment options followed by checkout and

payment of order through this site(online payment).

1)     Pay through PayPal

2)     Pay by Credit Card over the telephone


** Detailed instruction will follow by email immediately after your order checkout. 


Please contact us for specific rate information for your purchase inquiry.



From The Army Times – the newspaper for US Army

The Army Times

Cool heads under fire
Soldiers throw in the towel — and that’s a good thing

By Gina Cavallaro
Times staff writer

NAJAF, Iraq — Staying cool in Iraq’s oppressive, dry, dusty heat is an elusive quest every day for soldiers stationed here. Despite all the high-tech gear, such as wick-away

fabric for T-shirts and socks, comfort can be hard to come by especially when temperatures can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Relief seems even more elusive

when a much-needed shipment of air conditioners is delayed by a few weeks.


Capt. Greg Vinciguerra, commander of Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, offers up a solution for a few lucky if overheated soldiers

at forward operating base Camp Hotel in Najaf. It’s a 1-square-foot, individually wrapped terry cloth towel which, when stored in the freezer, turns into an icy piece of relief

when directly applied.  And, it’s steeped in a light fragrance of lemongrass and Asian bergamot leaf extract.


Vinciguerra regularly receives them by mail from a family member. They sell these on every corner in Thailand,” Vinciguerra said. More traditional relief recently has

arrived in Iraq, too, in the form of 74 air conditioners. Frankie Mayo, president and founder of Operation Air Conditioner, said 20 units went to the 67th Combat Support

Hospital for the comfort of wounded troops. Mayo’s efforts hit a snag April 30, when the 74 units arrived in Baghdad and the military post office wouldn’t accept them.

But Army officials have agreed to move hundreds more air conditioners to troops in the field later this summer, Mayo said. About 175 are scheduled to go to Marines.

Operation Air Conditioner is funded by The Home Depot and public donations. Last summer, Mayo’s organization sent 2,500 air conditioners to troops in Iraq. The group

also has sent more than $100,000 worth of new Altama combat boots and $633,000 worth of supplies. The recent delivery glitch wasn’t the first. Last year, postal officials

in the United States stopped accepting Mayo’s air conditioners for delivery to Iraq. She began paying to fly the air conditioners by DHL Worldwide Express. Shipping the

74 units cost nearly $9,000, said Mayo, whose son has served in Iraq.


Troops in Iraq whose units have military-issue generators or local 220-volt power and want to request air conditioning units, or anyone wishing to donate, can get more

information at www.operationac.com. Or, soldiers could just go for those ice towels. Vinciguerra’s fellow soldiers tease him about the toll-free

number on the towel’s tag. “It’s probably the number to his Thuraya [satellite phone],” one soldier joked.

Staff writer Karen Jowers contributed to this report.


For sales Inquiry, Please email or call,

Toll Free : 866.683.6677,  Email: hairtrol@earthlink.net

Hairtrol USA / Austin, TX

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